Requesting a Project

The following outlines how to:

  • Request a New Project on MASSIVE

  • Access an existing project on MASSIVE.

Note: MASSIVE requires that users agree to an acceptable use policy and agree to participate in an annual survey before they are given access to the facility.

Project requests are reviewed on a weekly basis.

Request a New Project

Access to MASSIVE is open and free of charge to all users who secure an allocation through a Partner, Affiliate Partner or merit allocation scheme, or use the system through an integrated instrument.

New projects are requested by a member of University Faculty or Institutional Research Staff and should be the lead CI on the research project.

Undergraduate and postgraduate students are not able to lead MASSIVE projects and should request their supervisor or research lead to request a project.

The following methods are available for access:

Access through a MASSIVE partner or Affiliate Partner Share

MASSIVE Partners are:

  • Monash University

  • University of Wollongong

  • Australian Nuclear Science and Technology (ANSTO)

MASSIVE Affiliate Partners are:

  • ARC CoE for Advanced Molecular Imaging (ImagingCoE)

  • ARC Industrial Transformation Training Centre for Cryo-electron Microscopy of Membrane Proteins (CCEMMP)

  • Australian Catholic University, Healthy Brain and Mind Research Centre

Please fill out the following project request form.

Access through an Integrated Instrument

MASSIVE M3 is integrated with microscopes at The Clive and Vera Ramaciotti Centre for Structural Cryo Electron Microscopy at Monash University, and the Molecular Horizons Centre at University of Wollongong.

Researchers capturing data on these facilities should email or talk to the relevant microscopy facility manager.

Remote Desktop Access through the Characterisation Virtual Laboratory

Researchers who require access to the remote desktop capability on MASSIVE are able to gain access through the Characterisation Virtual Laboratory.

Please follow the instructions on the CVL website.

Access through the National Computational Merit Allocation Scheme

The MASSIVE partners have made available 10% of the facility for national access based on merit and managed through the National Computational Merit Allocation Scheme (NCMAS).

Services and resources will be allocated to projects of significant research merit conducted by researchers at Australian publicly funded research organisations (including universities and CSIRO). Applications to the NCI MAS are called for in October of each year and are assessed by an expert panel of researchers. The Assessment Criteria include:

  • the quality of the research (taking into account its significance, impact and innovation) and the standing of the research team and its leadership;

  • the appropriateness of the NCI resources for the task;

  • the reasonableness of the resources requested;

  • the track record of applicants in using NCI resources allocated previously.

The NCMAS runs allocations once a year. Researchers should visit the NCMAS website for detailed information about requirements and relevant dates.

Joining an Existing Project

Please follow instructions on the M3 documentation site to create a User ID and request to join a project.